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An exploration of healing trauma through presence, connection, and self-awareness. Joining me to take us on this journey of discovery is licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Jacob Ham. Dr. Ham will offer listeners a deeper understanding of trauma’s impact on a person’s neurobiology and their interpretation of the world around them, while emphasizing the importance of our relationships as a means of healing.

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186. Using presence as the antidote to trauma: How we begin to break cycles with Dr. Jacob Ham

A man and women in a dark room dealing with trauma

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148. Unlocking the power of polyvagal theory: Using the nervous system to wire our children for resilience, with Seth Porges

Women grabbing the back of her neck to relieve pain

Did you know that understanding the intricate ways our nervous system responds to our environment can actually help us raise children who are resilient, healthy, and mindful?

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26. Redefining trauma informed parenting: How parents can utilize this framework for all children with Robyn Gobbel

Robyn Gobbel and help parents understand the difference between acute trauma and chronic trauma, how our own experiences can affect the way we show up in the world (including the way we parent), and actionable techniques you can use to bring yourself back to center when you’re feeling anxious or detached that can actually rewire your brain and your nervous system to allow you to stay calm and regulated in those overwhelming moments.

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12. Healing trauma and fostering connection through cooking with children with Chef Kibby

Click here to listen to this episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. In this episode I am joined by professional chef and father to biological, adopted and foster children, Chef Kibby. You’ll hear how he uses the kitchen to help his children learn to trust and work through their trauma. And we’ll walk you through […]

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