Parenthood is a messy, chaotic, wild ride – and guess what, that’s okay! I’m Dr. Sarah Bren, a clinical psychologist and mom of two. I’ve built a career dedicated to helping families find deep connections, build healthy relationships, repair attachment wounds, kick the guilt, and raise kids who are healthy, secure, resilient, and kind. In this podcast, I’ve taken all of my clinical experience, current research on brain science and child psychology, and the insights I’ve gained on my own parenting journey, and distilled everything down into easy to understand and actionable parenting insights. Consider this your one stop shop for psychologically informed, research based information about parenting, child development, and the fundamentals of fostering secure attachment relationships with our kids. My goal is to help you to understand the building blocks of children’s social, emotional, and cognitive development so you can tune out the noise, stop googling, and tune into your own authentic parenting voice with the confidence to respond to any situation parenting throws at you. So go ahead and reheat that coffee for the 3rd time today, take a few deep breaths, hit subscribe, and join me every Tuesday here on Securely Attached.

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Keeping the peace at home in times of stress or tension.

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