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An exploration of healing trauma through presence, connection, and self-awareness. Joining me to take us on this journey of discovery is licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Jacob Ham. Dr. Ham will offer listeners a deeper understanding of trauma’s impact on a person’s neurobiology and their interpretation of the world around them, while emphasizing the importance of our relationships as a means of healing.

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186. Using presence as the antidote to trauma: How we begin to break cycles with Dr. Jacob Ham

A man and women in a dark room dealing with trauma

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166. The fluidity of secure and insecure attachment patterns with Dr. Annie Zimmerman

Family of 4 snuggled on the couch, smiling, and watching a movie together

Embark on a journey of self-exploration that will empower you to rewrite your attachment narrative! Joining me to share her expertise on attachment patterns in adult relationships is psychotherapist and the author of the new book Your Pocket Therapist, Dr. Annie Zimmerman.

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154. Balancing love, limits, and empathy: How to use connection to make parenting easier with Jennifer Kolari

Dad & Mom coloring with their two toddlers

Tuning into our bond with our child and their attachment to us can be one of our most powerful tools in parenting. Jennifer Kolari is the founder of Connected Parenting, a method based on the neurobiology of love, teaching parents how to use compassion and empathy as powerful medicine to transform challenging behaviors and build children’s emotional resilience and emotional shock absorbers.

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144. Couple goals: Unlocking the secrets to a thriving partnership as you parent together with Dr. Suzanne Burger

Nurture and prioritize your connection with your partner

As couples embark on the journey of parenthood, their relationship naturally undergoes a huge transformation. However, in a society that often places excessive focus on children, it’s easy to overlook the vital need to nurture and prioritize our connection with our partner. Clinical psychologist Dr. Suzanne Burger is here to share valuable insights on how couples can maintain and strengthen their bond throughout the challenges of parenthood.

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