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Dr. Sarah (00:02): Ever wonder what psychologists moms talk about when we get together, whether we’re consulting one another about a challenging case or one of our own kids, or just leaning on each other when parenting feels hard, because trust me, even when we do this for a living, it’s still hard. Joining me […]

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209. BTS: How can I get my toddler to share?

Two toddlers playing with toys

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207. BTS: How can I help my child maintain their friendships over the summer?

Five smiling kids playing in the summertime

How to help your child make, maintain, and deepen their friendships – especially over the summer when they are outside of the classroom.

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206. Picky eating, ARFID, and SPACE: How a new anxiety treatment can help your child be more flexible around food with Dr. Yaara Shimshoni

A child pushing away a plate of food

Reduce stress around mealtimes and help your child be more flexible with what they eat! Joining me today is Dr. Yaara Shimshoni, a clinical psychologist and a clinical assistant professor at the Yale School of Medicine, Child Study Center.

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203. BTS: What strategies can help me be more attuned to my child?

Am other and daughter touching foreheads and looking at eachother

What can I do to be more attuned to my child, especially when their cues and needs are difficult to decipher?

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