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Reduce stress around mealtimes and help your child be more flexible with what they eat! Joining me today is Dr. Yaara Shimshoni, a clinical psychologist and a clinical assistant professor at the Yale School of Medicine, Child Study Center.

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206. Picky eating, ARFID, and SPACE: How a new anxiety treatment can help your child be more flexible around food with Dr. Yaara Shimshoni

A child pushing away a plate of food

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205. BTS: How can I use a positive parenting approach with my older kids?

Mom talking to her daughter

Learn how to use age-appropriate positive parenting approaches with your child as they mature and grow.

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198. Youth sports and body image: Fostering positive body image and self-esteem in young athletes with Zoë Bisbing

Young girl doing gymnastics pose

Navigating the complex terrain of youth sports while promoting positive body image and mental wellness! Joining me is Zoë Bisbing, a psychotherapist specializing in body image and eating disorders and the creator of Body-Positive Home.

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194. Confronting death to find a deeper meaning in life: A continuation of my conversation with Rabbi Steve Leder

Mourning child standing next to an open casket

This week my conversation about finding the beauty in life and learning to accept the inevitability of death with Rabbi Steve Leder continues.

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