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Learn how to use age-appropriate positive parenting approaches with your child as they mature and grow.

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205. BTS: How can I use a positive parenting approach with my older kids?

Mom talking to her daughter

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200. Healing our inner child in order to combat insecure attachment patterns with Jennifer Nurick

A smiling daughter with her arms wrapper around her mothers neck

Our past experiences shape our present behaviors and patterns, but by working toward healing our inner child, we can make meaningful shifts! Jennifer Nurick joins me to discuss a profound way to approach healing by integrating many treatment approaches, including attachment theory, Internal Family Systems, EMDR, somatic psychotherapy, and more.

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199. BTS: What are strategies for co-parenting with a narcissist?

child standing in front of his parents while they talk on the couch

How you can empower and support your child’s emotional well-being when you are co-parenting with a narcissist.

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191. BTS: What are the do’s and don’t for introducing screens to my toddler?

Two toddlers staring at a tablet

How to be intentional about starting screen time. And when it comes to TVs and tablets, is one better than the other?

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