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Our past experiences shape our present behaviors and patterns, but by working toward healing our inner child, we can make meaningful shifts! Jennifer Nurick joins me to discuss a profound way to approach healing by integrating many treatment approaches, including attachment theory, Internal Family Systems, EMDR, somatic psychotherapy, and more.

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200. Healing our inner child in order to combat insecure attachment patterns with Jennifer Nurick

A smiling daughter with her arms wrapper around her mothers neck

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187. BTS: How can I parent my daughter so she doesn’t become a people pleaser?

Child with hands over her mouth

Learn what parents can to to lessen the likelihood of your child becoming a people pleaser.

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186. Using presence as the antidote to trauma: How we begin to break cycles with Dr. Jacob Ham

A man and women in a dark room dealing with trauma

An exploration of healing trauma through presence, connection, and self-awareness. Joining me to take us on this journey of discovery is licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Jacob Ham. Dr. Ham will offer listeners a deeper understanding of trauma’s impact on a person’s neurobiology and their interpretation of the world around them, while emphasizing the importance of our relationships as a means of healing.

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182. Raising conscious kids: A thoughtful exploration of bias, cultural identity, and diversity with Dr. Dana E. Crawford

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In this episode, Dr. Crawford guides us on a journey of self-reflection, teaching about strategic vulnerability and the essential steps to reduce bias in our lives and in the way we raise our children. This episode promises to be a transformative experience, offering valuable insights that will stay with you long after the conversation ends.

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