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Is it an issue if you and your family all baby your youngest child? Two psychologist moms weigh in.

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195. BTS: Is it bad to “baby” the baby?

The youngest child's father cutting up the food on his plate

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185. BTS: How can I handle jealousy and sibling rivalry?

Sister and brother with arm crossed and backs turned to each other

How to parent your kids to help reduce jealously and sibling rivalry as they grow.

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123. BTS: How can I tell my toddler that I had a miscarriage?

strategies to discuss miscarriage with toddler

Finding the right words to explain a miscarriage to your toddler can be challenging. This episode offers listeners advice and strategies to help you navigate this conversation and support your toddler through your pregnancy loss.

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68. Transitioning from one child to two: How to support everyone as your family grows with supermom Lindsay Ellingson

How to support everyone as your family grows

When we become parents for the second or third time, one of the most common experiences (that people often don’t talk about) is the grief parents feel for their big kiddo and the changes that are about to rock their world. That is just one of the many emotions, challenges and joys that come with expanding our families.

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