New Episodes Every Tuesday & Thursday:

New Episodes Every
Tuesday & Thursday:

with dr. sarah bren

A psychologically informed, research-based podcast about
parenting, child development, and the fundamentals of
fostering secure attachment relationships with our kids. 

Listen to the
Securely Attached podcast!

Listen to the Securely Attached podcast!

Beyond the Sessions

Every Thursday, I am joined by Dr. Emily Upshur and Dr. Rebecca Hershberg. We're answering real listener questions and sharing our unfiltered opinions - as psychologists, as moms, and as friends.

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No matter where you are on your parenting journey, I'm here to help you find balance, connection, and joy in parenting.

Hi, I'm Dr. Sarah Bren. I’m a licensed clinical psychologist and mom of two.

I help parents find a balanced approach between focusing on healthy child development while not losing sight of their own mental health, equipping them with the tools they need to develop a personal parenting framework that allows them to respond effectively to any challenge, and raise kids who are confident, resilient, and kind.

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Alaexandra M.

Absolutely Fantastic!
What resonated most with me is that it’s okay to mess up and it’s okay to not meet our children’s needs all the time. As a first time mom to a very emotional and active 11 month old, it’s been difficult for me to embrace that so thank you for sharing the why behind it. Can’t wait to hear more!

Adriana M.

Best part of my Tuesdays!
Best! Podcast! Ever! It’s been a game changer for my family. I got my husband listening too and now we’re both hooked.

Meaghan Y.

Amazing network of support!
I struggled a bit after the birth of my daughter. I wish I had this podcast to listen to then. It would have really helped me feel like I wasn’t alone. New mamas out there - this is a must listen!

Katie B.

I am better because of this show!!
I am so happy to have found this podcast. It makes complex topics easy to follow and is so entertaining. And I love how it’s changed the way I parent. Now that I understand what’s going on in my son’s brain I am so much better at parenting with empathy. Thanks Dr. Sarah - from me and my son!

Lauren D.B.

My "Go to" as a new mom!
An enlightened and reassuring resource that makes you more confident in your parenting. There's so much you could follow and listen to, and I find myself coming back to this podcast every time. No overwhelming or deflating lists of "shoulds" here. Dr. Sarah Bren offers insightful perspective you can easily act on (or not - she leaves it up to you by giving you a solid foundation to inform why you choose to do or not do something as a parent). Something you'll both enjoy listening to and get so much out of - I highly recommend.

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